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Innovation in Electronics Slowing

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Hi everyone, so I was a bit bored and did a bit of research into the past creations of companies such as Apple and Intel, Microsoft too. And I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this opinion I hold. I think that innovation in the electronics industry is slowing. Just to be clear I'm not talking about peripherals such as the HTC Vive among other VR devices, what I'm talking about is the processors and graphics that Intel and nVidia are releasing.


My reasons for this statement are and I'll go into more detail later:


Kaby Lake vs Skylake


Different GPUs in nVidia's lineup


Apple's devices not including anything new, but dropping features in order to make money off their other products (AirPods anyone?)


So number 1, Kaby Lake vs Skylake. Pretty much what they did was up the clock speed and a few other things. A 10% increase in performance for a much higher price? Thanks Intel. Altough now it will be interesting to see how they compete with Ryzen.


First of all, the increase between Maxwell and Pascal was great. What I'm referencing is the different GPUs throughout Pascal's lineup. First there was the Titan XP (the first one). Then people thought, this is the best they can do. Then they release the 1080 ti for cheaper that smashes it. Then people thought, well, this must be it. Then the Titan Xp (small p) comes and smashes that as well. So what they did was come up with an initial product, then neuter it and release it. Then release the same one later on for cheaper but much better. Happened with the 780 CUDA cores as well.


And finally, Apple's products. Where do I begin? I feel like they're going in a direction of form over function, with the MacBook (standard) coming with only a 1.3GHz Core M, but competes in price with the MacBook Pro. Uhhh....


Then there's the iPhone. Apple hasn't done anything new with the seven to replace the headphone jack. They just removed the jack. You could already get thunderbolt connected headphones as well as wireless ones. For cheaper. With the option of a headphone jack.


TL;DR Intel is lazy and only giving us slight incremental increases, nVidia is screwing everyone over and Apple is removing features rather than implementing them.


What do you think?





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