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GM915 - Wire trick the only solution ..?


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Hi everybody,


I look in many forums / web pages, about the "blue screen" problem on GM900 serie.


Is the Wire (Dongle) trick the only solution to bypass the blue screen at boot ..?


For my case, everything is ok when i plug an external LCD, i've tried a lot of different configurations in OSX, mirror, laptop lcd in first or second screen (who know.. !) ... nothing, always stucked in this $!?*$ blue screen at boot...


Is there any other solution than the wire short ..?


Thanks for your help,


10.4.7 Jas installed on external 20Go USB drive

Dell D410

Centrino 1.73 Ghz


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I have exactly the same laptop as you (great 12.1" screen eh?)


Anyways I have always had this problem when using Jas 10.4.7, however when I used to deadmoo 10.4.1 image it used to boot first time every time!


So I guess it must be some kernal changes in the meantime??


I would love to know what!!

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Hello brightertimes,


:D yes like this notebook too, the screen is not so fantastic for my taste, i'm taking a lot of pictures and colors are not accurate on the D410. But it is light ... and not too expensive. Got an old compaq M300 ... screen really better but only PIII 800 .. it is smaller than the D410, but not so fast.


So speaking about osx, are you using the 10.4.1 actually ..?

I wonder if there is some tweak to do in the kext files or something like this... i'm not a specialist of the osx world...


Thanks to share your experience ... :D

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OK, so it's the only solution at the moment ... But there is certainly a solution for using Vesa in the 10.4.7 ..?

Did OSX revert to vesa if i delete 915 drivers from the system folder ..?


THanks for your help,

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