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Why no hope with Titan / Natit for ATI 9xxx graphics

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Well, in the wake of recent Titan, Natit or some other developments about getting many graphics cards to work, I am met with a question about older ATI cards.


I see that many cards, including early Nvidias like 5200 work. Actually 3 different architectures of Nvidia can work with these tricks. I had understood before that only X1000 series were "perfectly" supported in ATI side, since some parts of 9xxx drivers were incomplete. But with the invent of these new kexts, my understanding is replaced with suspicion.


Because just like X1000 , X700-600-500 and 9xxx series were completely different in architecture,

in Nvidia side, 7xxx , 6xxx and 5xxx series are also completely different from each other (or not, correct me.)


To reach the main point, why there is no hope for perfectly working(HW cursor, native resolution change, no tearing etc.) ATI 9xxx series where poor 5200s work perfectly? I wish I could post this message with a starting idea or an attachment of a kext, but I have no technical insight. Please, someone enlighten us.

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