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How do I build an OSx86 Hackintosh with SLI support?

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I will be brief...


I miss OSX terribly. I would like to build a good gaming rig on which I could successfully run OSX. This is what I would like my computer to have/support:


Intel Core 2 Duo

SLI ready for Windows games

SATA RAID friendly


Is that even possible at this point in time? The spoiler is SLI. All the SLI supporting MoBos have chipsets that are non NVIDIA 900 series (945/965/975) which seems to have the best OSx86 record, but rather the 500 series (NVIDIA 570/590). Has anyone had any luck with any of these boards? Any other suggestions for maximizing GPU choice would be appreciated.









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dude, you have absolutely no chance of getting SLI to work for OSX. only 1 GPU at a time. under the latest semthex kernel, Intel users have managed to get high end video cards (i.e nvidia 7950) to work, but your mileage definatley will vary.


SATA support is patchy, depending on your chipset. Nforce SATA is usually a no-no, however some users + myself have managed to get Nforce 4 SATA kexts to load. im yet to test mine.


hope this solves issues.



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