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Gothic 1 and 2 for Mac (REGoth - the version 0.3 )

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I want to inform you that someone created the unofficial version of Gothic that you can compile on Mac OS X (Intel): 



Unfortunately, the current version of Gothic is not the fully playable version of this game. However, you can see that people are actively working on this project:

I haven't tried it yet. You can join the project if you want to run it and report bugs in the current release of this game. 
Perhaps, some users would be interested in developing REGoth for Mac.

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Gothic takes some getting used to, I'll admit. The controls are a bit clunky and seem to frustrate first-time players.

But once you get past the learning curve, it's a great game.

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I've had Gothic 1 Game up and running in Linux perfectly before. I didn't use a wrapper or any of the prepackaged dealies. Rather, I set up a virtual environment. I think you can do that similar on MAC

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two things are very important in my opinion if an old game gets an re-engine.

first it support or integrate a hires-textures and optionally use some shaders for mirrors reflections for water and moving sky.


cool port so far :)

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