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Conditional Key Remapping

Col Crunch

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Ok, so I am not sure if this is the best place for this post, but from the descriptions of the categories, it seemed to me to be the most fitting.


Anyways, on to the topic of the post:


The command key; an incredibly uncomfortable key to use, for me, and with the frequency in which I move between windows and OS X, it is just inconvenient to have to get used to the physical difference that often. 


So, what I am looking for is a way to remap the command and control functions to the inverse keys, except in terminal (where Control+C is still Control+C). This would obviously have no affect on shortcuts that use Command and Control at the same time as I would be pressing both keys regardless (yes, someone on another forum, actually tried to tell me that this is a reason that such a remap would be a bad idea).


Doe anyone out there know of an application that will let me do this.


P.S if your response is "Just get used to it", please keep it to your self. I am obviously looking for this solution specifically so I don't have to sit there and be uncomfortable, and so that I can be more productive.

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I used bettertouchtool.  Where I can define keys global or specific to an application.  When I first switched to Mac, I kept using Windows shortcuts in Chrome, so I recreated a large set of them this way.  And, then Firefox.  I even have some Ctrl shortcuts for Safari, even though I never used Safari elsewhere...  Just muscle memory that Ctrl-F is find rather than Cmd-F...


The only thing I haven't gotten working using BTT is some way to shortcut "Open Link in New Tab" that get's around sites that hijack such attempts, etc.


The Dreamer

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At least nowadays, switching CMD and CTRL is possible via System Preferences → Keyboard → Modifier Keys.

I would recommend "Karabiner Elements" for any Mac user who uses e.g. a mechanical or another non-Apple keyboard.

In this answer on stack exchange you can see how to set the home/end keys to work just like on Linux.


In addition, you can remap almost every single key e.g. for multimedia, volume, launchpad etc.



Huge shoutout to these guys :) :guitar: :happymac: 

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