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  1. unixb0y


    Where can I find the latest version of W836x.kext ? Is it on GitHub? I can't find it either on GitHub or on SourceForge.
  2. unixb0y

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Just downloaded it, how can I show the plots? I don't have them, somehow. And find no settings where to activate them.
  3. unixb0y

    Winbond/Nuvoton monitor

    @vector sigma what's the "latest and greatest"? This: https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/FakeSMC3_with_plugins Or this: EDIT: I installed everything using the second link and it's amazing that we can now set the fan speeds! I was actually finally able to localize which fan "ID" (FANIN0, FANIN1, ...) is which physical fan header on my motherboard: FANIN0 = Front Fan Header FANIN1 = CPU Fan Header FANIN2-4 don't show up in HWMonitorSMC so I'm not sure. I'll update once I know more. Other than that: you posted the Terminal command that you use to set a specific fan speed, but is there any easy way to observe the CPU (probably package) temperature in code? If so, I'd maybe try to work on a little application that lets you set custom fan curves within macOS Dave
  4. I wanted to add that my setup has changed quite a lot. Currently, I still use my RX580 but with a 3440x1440p monitor that also has freesync and 100hz and (at least with verbose boot mode -v flag) there is only a minimal flash, never the fullscreen one.
  5. What would the setting do?
  6. unixb0y

    RX580 HDMI 2.0 or DP (DisplayPort)

    Hello everybody, I just got a new monitor that runs at full resolution and refresh rate only using HDMI 2.0 or DP. It has a third connector which is HDMi 1.0 which works out of the box with my hackintosh, but when I try the other options, I just get no signal on the monitor. How can I enable (preferably) DisplayPort on the RX580 on Mojave? Thanks in advance!! Dave EDIT: Oops, I essentially just had to use the other DP port on the graphics card! Sorry for the random post, maybe it will help someone in the future so I let it up here
  7. unixb0y


    Mine actually run at under 1k (Noctua)
  8. unixb0y

    Winbond/Nuvoton monitor

    Weird; I actually tried the method that @Modmike recommended and activated all fans (7) (I think my motherboard doesn't have 7 fan headers though ) which seemingly solved the issue. Then, after sitting at the computer for a couple hours, all are on 16k now! So essentially, most probably neither the CPU monitor nor the fan count make any difference but the issue lies somewhere else!
  9. unixb0y

    Winbond/Nuvoton monitor

    Mille grazie!!! Works perfectly with ASUS PRIME Z370-A ! I just copied my config over to the Nuvoton..... plist file. Wondering though why only 2 fans have values (all 4 are shown since I have FANINLIMIT = 4).
  10. unixb0y

    Winbond/Nuvoton monitor

    Your kext didn't work FYI
  11. unixb0y

    Winbond/Nuvoton monitor

    I also still wait for a response from @Slice or @vector sigma
  12. That's possible, I don't know! Mine is Z370, pretty common.
  13. Hey bro, I wanted to mention that I switched my SMBIOS to iMacPro and it instantly worked. My boot process takes minutes if I activate the iGPU so that's not an option for me
  14. unixb0y


    Same, unfortunately no solution yet
  15. unixb0y

    Winbond/Nuvoton monitor

    I think kernel.log doesn't exist anymore Here is your file and the one I used before (both are configured fine for my PRIME Z-370 MB) but both show invalid fan info (16k RMP): W836x_Slice_with_370.kext.zip W836x_vector_with_370.kext.zip