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  1. Hello everybody. I'm wondering if there is any tool or utility that lets you monitor your CPU and case temperature and also if there's some software that lets you control your fans. My mainboard at least lets me do custom fan curves, so that would definitely be a good option as well, but there's another question: Should we use "PWM" or "DC Mode"? Thank you in advance! Dave
  2. unixb0y

    Brief and simple way to explain DSDT and SSDT ?

    This might be a bit late, but I found this FAQ that explains it pretty well:
  3. Why do you want to change the country code?
  4. Bluetooth + AirDrop + Apple Watch "Auto Unlock" + Continuity / Handoff BCM20702 / TP-Link T9E (AC1900) I have a little update on getting BCM20702 running in Mojave: Without kext files, nothing worked "OOB" with my USB dongle. So I got "BrcmFirmwareStore" and "BrcmPatchRAM2" from RehabMan. I tried putting the kext files in /L/E , didn't work so I tried /S/L/E. * While that didn't work at first, I then tried to refresh the kext cache; the files didn't show up in kextstat. I used this command: sudo kextcache -invalidate / which told me 2 error messages: BrcmFirmwareStore and BrcmPatchRAM2 had the wrong permissions. This is fixed like so: sudo chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/BrcmPatchRAM2.kext/ sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/BrcmPatchRAM2.kext/ sudo chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext/ sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext/ Reboot and be happy! Both the actual Bluetooth entry in System Preferences, that was missing before as well as an entry in System Report > Bluetooth finally appeared! I have a TP-Link Archer T9E WiFi card and now in conjunction, AirDrop does work like a charm! Cheers, Dave * EDIT: RehabMan replied to me on GitHub and it's not recommended to use /S/L/E and you should let that folder remain reserved for Apple original kext files. So I tried putting the files (with the correct permissions) back into /Library/Extensions and Bluetooth and AirDrop both still work fine! So I would recommend to put the files either into EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other or - like me - into /Library/Extensions and after (or before) copying the two kext files, set the permissions like shown above for both files with chown and chmod. EDIT2: I totally forgot to mention that even unlock via Apple Watch works! I assumed it would not work, until the "iMac" itself saw my Watch and kindly asked if I wanted to activate it I immediately turned the feature on and it's working like a charm! What also perfectly works is Handoff. It's a feature that I never found really useful, especially between iOS and Mac, however when I have a Safari window open on my iPhone, the Hackintosh shows me the handoff Safari icon in the App switcher as well as in the dock (only tested Safari for now) and it behaves just like on my MacBook Pro! Universal Clipboard is also working as well as SMS / MMS. I couldn't test "Cellular Calls" and the "Continuity Camera" as I don't have a second phone and it's quite late here right now for calling someone on the telephone and I don't have any iOS 12 devices either. The "Instant Hotspot" did not work, but I think that anybody going the TP-Link T9E + BCM20702 way is building a PC that is permanently attached to WLAN or even LAN (Ethernet), so that's not an issue. I think laptop Hackintoshers should just use a MacBook WiFi card as they probably already have the connector etc. etc. (no adapter or Motherboard-dependent solutions needed).
  5. Will test now! Result: It did "something", I can't really explain what but the flash is still there, while maybe a bit better. I think it only flashed the bottom part of the screen. I just tried something else: In the BIOS, I set the graphics from "Auto" to "PCIE" just to be sure that it doesn't like, use the Intel graphics for boot and switches right before login. Unfortunately, this was not the case and the flicker is still there.
  6. Add that to the "custom flags" section under Boot → arguments?
  7. Is there anything known to fix this? Do iMacs with AMD GPUs (e.g. the RX580) do the same thing?
  8. I see, interesting! Okay, that's very good to know. Do you have the possibility to try the same card on 10.13? If it's the OS, I suspect 'real' iMacs might face the same issue, though I haven't really found anything on the web. It would be cool if Apple fixes this 'for us' with 10.14.1 or (whatever the next update will be)
  9. unixb0y

    TP-Link Archer T9E

    What is WOL? Wake on LAN? I don't need that.. (What do people use it for? Remote access?) Also, in my case internet speeds seem to be the same even after waking the computer from sleep mode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. That’s very interesting! I reckon you’re hackintosh-ing for longer than me - so was this behaviour present with an earlier macOS release as well? I only have a MBP on 10.13 that doesn’t do it, so maybe it’s just simply the macOS 10.14? What happens if you don’t use WhateverGreen?
  11. unixb0y

    TP-Link Archer T9E

    I don’t think I have this issue but I also don’t use standby so often :-) I’ll check it later, thanks for the hint! Do you have AirDrop / if yes what did you use to get it running?
  12. unixb0y

    TP-Link Archer T9E

    Cool thanks! It's labeled as a 20702A3, not 20702. Is that a big difference? Also, the "continuity activation tool" that I'll probably need to use (does it work on Mojave? no updates for 2 years..) mentions the 20702A3, so I think that should be safe.
  13. unixb0y

    TP-Link Archer T9E

    Okay, well I just searched for "Bluetooth Hackintosh", and found that item because a reviewer has mentioned using it on a Hackintosh. Do you mean if I find one with a Broadcom chip, it will work for sure or are there specific models? EDIT: what about this guy? https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B007MKMJGO/
  14. Like the title says, my screen behaves a little bit weird. I start the machine, all fans turn on and macOS boots with the loading bar. When it's at roughly 90%, my graphics card (Sapphire RX580 Nitro+) ramps the fans up for a second while simultaneously the screen goes white. Then the screen immediately returns back to the loading screen with the GPU fans going to 0 RPM at the exact same time. The short timeframe where the screen is white and the GPU at 100% fan RPM is merely a flicker, but it's not pleasing to look at every time, because it gives me the feeling "something's not right" I would really like to know if anyone had this issue before and how to fix it, if possible. Thank you in advance!
  15. unixb0y

    TP-Link Archer T9E

    What is changing a country code needed for? Thanks for the link! I found this on the German Amazon and will try it asap :-)