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  1. Thanks for the info! InjectIntel was already checked in clover, but where do I set "ig-platform-id"? Edit: I now have "Inject Intel" checked in Clover (Graphics section) and ig-platform-id set to 0x3E920003, JPEG images still can't be opened. In the BIOS, the iGPU is enabled.
  2. I think I read it on the tonymac forums as that was the hackintosh website that I knew. Since I found insanelymac I’m only here I find the community way more friendly and helpful over here. But I digress! The 18,3 SMBIOS works fine, I already changed that via clover - but I’ll report back once more as soon as I get home and turn on the iGPU. What’s the purpose of WhateverGreen?
  3. Yeah I meant that it would be the wrong SMBIOS if I’d choose the Mac Pro one That‘s true, the iMacs do have the iGPU! Why do we usually deactivate it btw? PS: I will just activate it later
  4. Okay :/ I was hoping not to need to activate the iGPU or to use a „wrong“ SMBIOS. What if I put the kexts in /L/E instead of the clover path?
  5. Hey guys, I have the iMac 18,3 SMBIOS and deactivated iGPU - most elegant solution IMHO as I have the i5-8600K and a RX580 GPU. Unfortunately quick view and Preview both don't work with JPEG images. I tried the kext (NoVPAJpeg.kext) in CLOVER/kexts/Other where I also have Lilu.kext but it didn't work. Anything else that I could try to make it work? Thanks in advance! Dave
  6. I don't think I've touched any "CSM" setting, thanks for the hint! In Clover the resolution is 1920x1080 which should be correct. Yes, they do stop and like Gigamaxx said, they ramp up to 100% for a second basically in sync with the white flash making a "whoosh" sound:
  7. I actually had multiple Apples when I added a second monitor! Now they're gone but still the boot screen / Apple logo (which shows on HDMI output 1 of the GPU) looks stretched horizontally. When I detach the second, smaller / different res monitor, the Apple logo looks fine..
  8. That's an interesting idea.. I thought maybe it's part of the 'initialisation' or so. It could have been a hint towards the Hackintosh booting from the iGPU and then switching to the GPU when the flash occurs because it would be the first moment that the computer knows it has and should use the GPU and only initialises it at that point. In other words: I'd expect it to do a 'fan test' or anything like that as soon as I press the button and not half-way into the boot process
  9. Maybe as additional input: My GPU fans turn on as soon as I click the power button and simultaneously with the screen flash they ramp up to max for a second and then turn off. Do your cards do the same?
  10. I see! I'm staying on HS on the MBP for now anyway.. :-) Yup that would be great!
  11. I have a MacBook Pro without dedicated graphics chip and even that has a 'break' during the boot (loading bar stops for a bit) so I'm not sure that the break on real Macs is 100% graphics related ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ How do you set the boot screen to be white? (I suppose with a black Apple or is it simply blank then?)
  12. Thanks @arsradu for the update and the hint about the "Radeon Pro 580"! I can confirm that even with the iGPU disabled, the issue persists. Still, it could very well be the source of the issue that the system somehow does a 'switch' between GPUs. @Cyberdevs Thanks for trying the clean install, I'm looking forward to the results a lot!
  13. That's interesting... I guess if it's the monitor, it's not something that hurts the hardware of the PC because it happens 'outside' of the system. Well 4k and IPS + free sync sounds like a great monitor, it's definitely not 'for nothing'... upgrading from 1080p to 4K... Definitely let us know! If the flash is gone, knowing the model name would be great too. I'm looking for a new monitor in the not-so-near-future as well anyway. EDIT: Actually, there is
  14. Exactly the same effect for me, no freesync!