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White screen - full disk error


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Hi there,


After looking among a lot of forums, and topics and during several weeks, I cannot find a way to solve my issue with my MacBook Pro.

I have a MacBook Pro pro from 2009, and as a student, I can't afford to bring it to an Apple shop. Plus I always love to learn how to fix stuffs by myself, so I definitely want to do this !!


I will try to explain my issue as brief and accurately as possible.

  • Description of the issue :

Either I get a white screen and it is stuck or I get a loading bar, and it switch off when reaching 20 %. I ran the single user mode, and I can see “Invalid siblink link (4, 1877). I tried to repair my disk with the fsck command : it gives me «disk full error ». In attachement, I put some screen-shots of the command lines.


  • What triggered the problem ?

As my battery is dead, my charging cable removed itself 4 times in a row. When I tried to start my laptop the 5th times: it remains stuck on a white screen.




Last but not least, my hard drive contains a partition with windows XP. When I boot on the windows partition (by pressing down the 'alt' key), the laptop works fine, everything is normal !!




Please help me to solve this, I am running out of ideas !!


Thank you so much in advance !







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MaLdon, Thank you for your answer !


You makes me feel better when you say B tree is an old problem !


I am not familiar with diskwarrior and hackintosh boot, but I will try to read information about it, and learn how to use it. I will come back here to ask question.

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Hi there,


I finally succeed to solve my issue.

I will briefly explain how I did, it could help some users with the same issue.


Using a MacBook with a CD-reader (another MacBook than mine), I created a disk image of the original installation CD of Mac OS provided with my MacBook (the grey CD). I copied this disk image on a bootable USB flash drive.

I pluged an external hard drive to my MacBook, as well as the USB flash drive containing the copy of Mac OS. I then boot my laptop while pressing the 'alt' key.

I choose to boot on the Mac OS image. Then, just follow the steps to instal the OS system on the external hard drive.

Then, re-boot your laptop while pressing the 'alt' key. Choose to boot on the external hard drive. Then, you now have a working Mac OS environment. So, instal DiskWarrior on it (I found a version of DiskWarrior online).

And now, you can use DiskWarrior to repair your internal hard drive. It took a long time to process.

In attachment, you can see an example of the report from DiskWarrior.


After that, I was able to reboot on my internal hard drive ! Everything works fine !!




So thank you again for your help, MaLdOn  ! The topic can be written as solved !


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Ohhh, good!


Have a DiskWarrior Recovery Maker.app, create a bootable USB stick, very fast!

MaLd0n 2017-04-11 às 10.07.47.png


Work in Macs and Hacks. Save my life in many times!



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