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  1. martyre

    How can Apple make gaming better?

    just make more apps
  2. martyre

    What are you listening now ?

    nickelbach burn it to the ground
  3. martyre

    Rockstar Games bans FiveM authors from GTA V

    As for me GTA 3 was the best game ever. It was interesting and exciting. Moreover, it reminded me my childhood. Now I prefer playing flash games. Plus, playing online is very comfortable as you can play what you want and where you want
  4. martyre

    GIGABYTE RX 460 2g "Partial" support in Sierra

    not sure in that, but thanks
  5. martyre

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I'm martyre. And I'm new here. Hope everything will be okay
  6. martyre

    New Graphic Card on Old Mobo

    agee. thanks. games are too heavy (
  7. martyre

    White screen - full disk error

    thanks a lot. it was useful