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Some problems with OS X 10.4.6


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hey guys,

i have a few questions upon whats going on with my system.


I own a dell XPS 400,

1gb ram

Pentium D




i recently reformatted everything so i can install my osx (there were some problems with the partition maps which were fixed later)


and my problem is



I am either having the little O with a slash through in next to the apple logo (unable to boot)


The computer shuts off/restarts durring boot.

(these two problems occured AFTER i finished installing osx 10.4.6)

when i was installing,

i hit the customize button,

and set on

* X11

* SSE3

* Intel 10.4.6 Combo Update (NO this is NOT the software update, this is the update that it says it is ABSOLUTELY required if you have an intel based processor).


I mean,

the first time i boot into it,

it showed the O with slash mark,

but then i quickly restarted it, and it went into it fine.


But then once i needed to restart my computer,

thats where the problems occured.





and finally...

Low screen resolution, screen resolution not changable
Fix A: To change resolution edit com.apple.boot.plist
In OSX go to Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
Copy the file "com.apple.Boot.plist" to desktop
Open "com.apple.boot.plist" in Text Editor.
Add this in:

<key>Graphics Mode</key>

you can change the resolution to your liking. "x32" means 32 bit color, "@60" is the refresh rate.
save the file, save it as a .plist not .txt!
copy and replace the original.


It doesnt seem to be working for me?

where should i exactly paste the two lines of coding?

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