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128 vs 256MB gfx mem


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See http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=31756 ;/ (same stuff + benchmark request.)


128 to 256MB gfx mem Macbook Pro is very expensive, I will get the 2GB no matter what but it's so much for 200MHz CPU which I don't need and more gfx mem. Is it "necessary" or not?


Will a 1680x1050 32 bit display use one more frame buffer or two, one for drawing and one to show? That is 7 or 14MB more ram.


Also I support Core Image uses much gfx mem? Core Animation will use even more? What about Leopard in general?


How many games which can be run on the X1600 need over 128MB of gfx mem for textures?


Oh, I hate this, cheap ass Apple, why couldn't they spend $20 more on 256MB gfx mem in all models.

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