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disk1s3: unsupported mode


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ok I am sorry if I sound very stupid

but i've searched the forum and coudn't find anything related to my problem


I've download the JaS 10.4.6 and have somewhere around 22 GB of unallocated space in my hard drive

when I insert the dvd inside to boot the system boots and then takes me to the gray screen with the apple logo and loading animation

then nothing else

it gets stuck there

I tried it again but this time with F8 to check what is going on

the screen goes around with lots of checks and then gets stuck with something saying


SA Multimedia: Read or Write failed, ASC = 0X64, ASCQ =0X00

disk1s3: unsupported mode.

Load of /sbin/launchd failed, errno 5


I can assume its talking about my DVD drive (can only assume)

but what seems to be the solution :S

as m completely new to OS so hv no clue whats so ever :S

i'll really appreciate the help from anyone here


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re-burn the dvd again at a lower speed



I reburnt my disk again at 1x speed but it rises each time while burning to 4x speed and I don't know what to do


Please help me

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