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  1. Please people, why is this so hard for everyone?!
  2. Apple Boot screen with black borders

    Nvidia graphics cards never upscale their VESA mode boot resolution which is 800x600 or 1024x768, I don't remember which! So no matter what resolution you set for the Graphics Mode, you will still be in one of those resolutions. The only way to make your graphics card boot up using your native resolution is by editing the Graphics card's BIOS which is tricky and might render your graphics card obsolete if done wrong.
  3. Is my question really that hard?!
  4. Please, any help I'm desperate to fix this
  5. Ok, when it crashes, i do recover each time, maybe once in million that it doesn't recover, never tried to SSH, I'll try that next time. My GPU is an MSI Geforce GTX 560Ti Hawk Edition, and i use the DVI, and Mini HDMI ports for a multi-monitor setup between my TV and my 23” monitor
  6. Please, any help would be really appreciated
  7. Any help, please BTW I tried just now installing via [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] just to exhaust all my options and the same thing happened so I'm currently unable to pinpoint the source of the problem!
  8. Please help me guys, I was having a problem with my previous install where the WindowServer task crashes multiple times per hour while using my mackintosh so I opted to try a new install via Pandora(P.S. my old install was with Pandora!) and on the first boot while doing some adjustments to the settings, WindowServer task crashed again so please check out my attached WindowServer crash report and tell me what's causing it. Thanks in advance. WindowServer_2014-01-22-233841_Omars-iMac.crash.zip
  9. DSDT Patch For GTX 460

    Oh sorry, I managed to do it on my own that day, thanks though
  10. Hey everybody, I have been mistaking this problem with a Fermi Freeze for a long time now, thankfully I don't have anymore Fermi Freezes but I keep having the WindowServer task crashing especially while using Chrome which I'm using the Stable version, with only AdBlock Plus extension enabled. The problem is easily reproducible by just opening Activity Monitor and Force quitting the WindowServer task. You'll find attached my Crash Log with all the messages I got. Please if anyone can get to the root of this problem I would be eternally grateful as this is the last thing stopping me from having a fully functional Hackintosh
  11. DSDT Patch For GTX 460

    I did what you said in your guide, and the changes appeared in IOReg but still I have to use GE=Yes on boot! Can you help me please?
  12. So as a follow up, I've increased my RAM to 8GB and still the problem persists, thought it was that GoogleSoftwareUp process so I disabled it, still the same problem! So after reading thoroughly, it seems that my problems is graphics card related! Anyone here ever heard of the Fermi Freeze, that's what I have, unfortunately, up until now all the solutions I've tried have decreased the frequency of the crash/Fermi Freeze but it is still happening. If anyone has anything to add please do
  13. Removing AppleHPET kext is for USB problems, that is my knowledge on the matter