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How to identify device names


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I'm trying to understand device naming for SSDT work.

I have two GPUs in my system.  Titan Black is labeled clearly in ioreg as BR3C, and I'm able to use that name in an SSDT to modify it.  But the second GPU (GTX 980 TI) is called "pci-bridge@10", and it's part of device BR2A, along with another PCIe card — a Decklink SDI.


My motherboard is a Gigabyte X99 Designare, and I know that bandwidth is shared between certain slots.  In this case, the Titan is shared with the Decklink, and the 980 is by itself.  Can anyone explain why the 980 has this type of name, why it's shared, and how I can access it in an SSDT?


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