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  1. Bump. Anyone know how to hide "Boot Windows from EFI" ?
  2. Didn't work. Thanks though.
  3. I have a similar issue. I added a custom entry in Clover so I can name it nicely "Windows 10". This one works fine. But I also have the duplicate "Boot Windows from EFI" showing, and this one does not boot. If I add this UUID to the hidden list, then both of them disappear. I have two separate SATA disks for Windows 10 and macOS. This is Clover 4658.
  4. llamafilm

    Booting Windows Recovery

    Is it possible? I'm looking at the GUI options to hide and label partitions in Clover. I see that for a single partition UUID there can be multiple options. For example macOS and macOS recovery both use the same UUID, but there is another string after that, some kind of sub-identifier, not sure what that is. But I see the boot type can be set to either OSX or OSXRecovery. Is there some way to boot Windows in recovery mode? My goal is to show only two options - macOS and Windows 10. Then when I press F3 I want to show macOS Recovery and Windows Recovery.
  5. llamafilm

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks for that explanation, PMheart. So would you recommend updating all my older patches to include the full name, for a minuscule boot speed improvement?
  6. llamafilm

    Clover General discussion

    I have noticed that in recent versions of Clover, the Kext patches can be specified with full name, like com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIBlockStorage instead of just IOAHCIBlockStorage. What is the benefit to this? I suppose it's possible to have two different kexts with the same short name, but that seems unlikely to me.
  7. llamafilm

    El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    You can write a launch daemon to change the output device using this command-line tool. Not sure if it works on Sierra, but give it a try: https://github.com/deweller/switchaudio-osx
  8. llamafilm

    fstab does not prevent auto mounting

    When I switched from UUID to LABEL, it correctly blocks mounts for both HFS and NTFS. Weird. I asked this same question over on Ask Different forums, and got no response, so I think this is somehow related to Hackintosh, rather than buggy diskarbitration code. No idea what causes it though.
  9. llamafilm


    Your signature doesn't say which motherboard you're using, and that's what matters here. Look around on your motherboard with a flashlight and a magnifying glass, and you should see the SuperIO model number printed on the IC somewhere. It should say ITE or Winbond or Fintek. If you have more than one chip, it's probably the largest one.
  10. llamafilm


    Install OpenHardwareMonitor on windows. It will tell you the model number of your SuperIO chip.
  11. That doesn't answer the question. SMBIOS refers to the Mac model you are faking. MacPro5,1 etc. Its usually easier to just post your config.plist as it will answer many questions people have to help you troubleshoot.
  12. llamafilm

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Ah I see. So all the firmwares together are how big, maybe 5MB? If you have many GB of RAM, then I guess it doesn't matter much. Does it have any effect on boot time?
  13. llamafilm

    Dual nVidia GPU system fails

    Does it work if you leave the 2nd GPU powered and remove the SLI bridge?
  14. llamafilm

    10.7.5 mount efi fail

    diskutil info disk0s1
  15. llamafilm

    Dual nVidia GPU system fails

    Did you do any DSDT edits to get the system running with single GPU? If so, then your DSDT might be wrong for the dual GPU configuration, and you'll need to start over on that.