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Installing to External USB Drive


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Has anyone tried installing to a Maxtor One Touch III USB Drive

Or some other configuration, and using the Laptop's Bios option to Boot from USB Device.


Dell D800 Latitude Laptop FYI


I origionally had the 100gb Dirve Fully partioned for Windows I shrunk the partion to 80GB, then Set the other 20GB Partition.


Went thru the 10.4.6 Install last night, Got to the Installation screen went to Utilitys and Formatted the Partition as Journalled MacOS Type, and hit erase.


When I then went to continue my install, it wanted to validate the install media, or something like that and crapped out on me. I am redownloading the ISO now, so I can make a new disk.... got the first one from a friend.


Will my configuration work, or do I need to install on my Primary HDD,


Do I need to use the windows boot loader, or will telling the BIOS to boot from the USB Device work.



Any Help would be appreciated. This is my first attempt at Mac OSX86, My Primarry OS Currently is Vista RC2, and I only have about 5 GB Free on that Drive.







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