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Dynex Ethernet Adapter

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This card was supposed to work with OSX 10.1.x and the text file included with the drivers says 10.2.x

My question is, should it still work with 10.4.7 ? The driver is a .dmg file and has inside an Installer that puts a .kext file in my Extensions directory, but even after installing it, it still wont show up under my Internet Connections list. I have tried it a few different times, re-installing, unplugging and replugging in the LAN cable, still nothing. I cannot get through to tech support to ask them any question (as they are not there apperently). I have heard that this is supposed to work from a few different websites.


Does anybody have any clue as to if theres some sort of problem with the hardware, it needs a different driver, or just isn't compatable ?


Any help would be appreciated

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