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I have been reading this forum for days now, and all I hearing is how grateful every one is to Jas.


Without him like many others, compiling and creating their own kernel seemed to fail.


Now one person made a wonderful suggestion that showed that if everyone would donate $1, Jas would have the money required to get his Mac. A lot of readers here may say that’s good, but do nothing. How many of you thought that if he had a Mac, maybe the files would be a lot easier to view and recode.



It was also stated that Pay Pal takes 35C per dollar, well then, donate $1.35. I am not saying to give $1.35 only, but to give whatever you can. Your gratitude and appreciation goes a long way. But the truth is, having a Mac to decode files, that’s given back to the OSx86 project goes even further.



That’s my two cents.


Ok guys show your appreciation by donating. It’s not that difficult.


Think of what would happen if he stopped coding or just left the Project ?




If you have found me helpful,then please give something back & help me http://www.macforjas.com/donate.html


Also if you're looking for some different wallpapers try some of these Thanks McSkywalker


Donations so far : $1,200.74

Top donator : Lambusser : $100.00

Average donation per donator : $21.07

Total donations needed : $2600

Percent to goal : 46.18%

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I think everybody is finding u very helpfull!


I havnt used ur help so much, but still im useing ur jas.dvds!


And i think its very cheap, if i gona pay for a just ones a few dollar

and i can use mac os x for a long time!


And all other people should do it aswell.

We should think how much it will cost me and all hackintosh users to

buy a real mac than to donate a few dollars, think about?

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