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G4 MDD 1.25 - board or processor issue


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ahoi together,


can s.o. help me to find it out?


my old G4 MDD 1.25 SP was going to heaven during new installation of Tiger OSX10.4.8


no signal, no booting, no beep or power button light.... really nothing.


only the cooler vent was going on high rotation several seconds after pressing the power button.


i tried really everything. switched ram, new board battery, different hdd and dvd players... no luck.


now i thing it can be only the logicboard or the g4 itself. but how can i find it out?



really every helpfull answer is welcome !!


greetz knobsi


ps: one further thing. what indicates the red led on the board? it´s on when i start the mac?!!

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