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X131e EDU series i3-3227u Sierra installation

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I have an X131e EDU series that I finally got working with Sierra 10.12.  The SMBIOS is a MacBook Air 5,2.


Whats working:


1.  Native PowerManagement (DSDT tweak)

2.  All USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 (DSDT tweak)

3.  Camera and Bluetooth (Wifi is not working due to Whitelist Bios,  Im using a usbwifi because of this)

4.  MiniPCI-E/Msata both working (I currently have an Msata for my main HD)

5.  Sound (via VoodooHDA).

6.  Sleep/Wake works great (DSDT tweak)

7.  Keyboard and Trackpad (VoodooPS2Controller)

    - Sierra Trackpad Prefpane and needs to be replace with ElCapitan prefpane-hacked)

8.  Shutdown -  Wake ON Lan needs to be disabled in BIOS



Here are my BIOS settings




a.  SpeedStep- Enabled

b.  CPU PowerManagement- Enabled

c.  Intel RapidStart Technology - Disabled


2.  USB

a.  USB UEFI-Enabled

b.  Always ON- Disabled

c.  USB 3.0-Enabled


3.  CPU

a.  CPU Multi Processor - Enabled

b.  Intel Hyper Threading - Enabled


4.  Serial ATA

a.  SATA Controller - AHCI



1.  Memory Protection

a.  Exceution Prevention- Enabled


2.  Virtualization

a.  Intel Virtualization Technology- Enabled



a.  UEFI/Legacy Boot [uEFI only}

      -  CSM Support - Yes




1.  Install SIERRA 10.12 on USB

2.  Install CLOVER on USB using EFI only installation

3.  Copy the EFI folder to the USB EFI Folder

4.  Install Sierra to your HD

5.  After installing Sierra don't forget to install Clover to your HD and copy the EFI Folder to the HD





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I got this running on High OS sierra on 10.13.3.  I had to modify tables to enable XCPM,  P states and Cstates on i3-3227u.  Here is the latest EFI Folder




Link to a better Trackpad controller.  Just replace the old one with this version of EFI/Clover/kext/10.13



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