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Toshiba AC97 sound problem solved?

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I've got exactly the same issue as some others on here. I reinstalled yesterday and the sound worked just fine... for awhile. It then quit completely, and another reinstall didn't help. I'm running a Toshiba M15-S405 with the vendor ID 8086 and the device ID 24c5, ICH4. AD1981B and ADS74.


I started wondering if it's because it's a dual boot system and maybe booting into Windows was affecting the hardware. On a hunch, I went into the BIOS setup and looked for something with an Audio setting. There was nothing specific to Audio, but I changed 'Device Config' from 'Setup by OS' to 'All Devices'.


Woo mac Hoo, I have sound. Could someone else give this a try and see if it works for them?

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