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  1. Single-user mode problem

    I could really use a little help from a Unix expert here. I think what's going on is that when I boot from the DVD into single user mode, my hard drive (with a partition named Leopard) isn't getting mounted. I've tried various combinations of the mount command with no luck. All I need to do is boot from the DVD, then be able to get at my hard drive and I think I know what to do from there. Someone please help?
  2. Roneil, This is driving me nuts, and I'm sure it's some stupid little thing I'm doing. Your original instructions to me for installing PC_EFI were: 7/ REBOOT IN SINGLE MODE, INSTALL PC EFI V8.0 Keep pressing F8 during startup, choose your OSX86 startup partition, enter "-s" as startup parameter (single-user mode). System should start in single-user mode, without GUI, text-mode only. Enter these commands. cd /iamefi ./startupfiletool /dev/rdiskXsX ./boot_v8 (change rdiskXsX to the BSD name of your os x partition) So I boot into single-user mode from the DVD. I end up at a -sh-3.2# prompt. Rather than the original command of cd /iamefi I'm entering cd /Volumes/Leopard/iamefi (My volume name is Leopard). In response I get: -sh: cd: /Volumes/Leopard/iamefi : No such file or directory. There is a directory like that on the Leopard volume. What stupid thing am I doing wrong? Matt - You're having the same problem I was. Install with ToH. You can follow the rest of what Roneil is walking me through here after you get installed.
  3. What's weird is that I can boot from the install DVD with the -s option. I've been trying to figure out how to change to the hard drive volume after I get that far, but no luck yet. I've gotta learn some Unix. And no, I can't boot with Iatkos either. Same as Kalyway. I think I'm almost there with PC-EFI, just have to change to the hard drive after I get to single user mode from the DVD.
  4. When I try to start up with the -s option to enter single user mode, I get a kernel panic. This is a 10.5 ToH install. I can boot from the install DVD with the -s option though. How do I switch volumes to get to my hard drive once I've booted from the DVD? Thanks
  5. I'm referring to the kernel panic I'm getting trying to boot into single user mode. I can do it from the install DVD, but not from the installed system. I don't know many Unix commands. Is there a way to boot from the DVD and then follow the rest of the instructions?
  6. Unbelievable... I can't boot with a -s option. It ends up in a kernel panic. "BSD process name corresponding to current thread:Unknown"
  7. About to try this, but I have two questions: 1. The disk identifier is disk0s3. Do I type it that way or as rdisk0s3? I've seen a comment about that somewhere. 2. At this point I've downloaded pc-efi and unpacked it to the desktop. Your instructions didn't mention anything about installing from the desktop. Is that what I'm doing with the terminal commands or is there a step missing? Thanks again.
  8. Core image is software, and quartz extreme is not supported. It sounds like the first thing to do is install PC-EFI, if I can figure out how to do that. Yes, I'm booting from the windows partition. The tboot function is very much like a regular chain0 from what I understand, but tboot added a few more features or something. It's been a little while since I did that, but I could look up the difference if it's important. I'll fool around a little and see if I can get PC-EFI installed and report back. Thanks for all your help, Roneil. If there's anything I can do for you, just say the word.
  9. I've got the correct graphics resolution through nvinjectgo, but it doesn't appear fully accelerated. It says quartz extreme isn't supported, if that helps answer the question. I'm very proficient with hardware and Windows, but I'm pretty much a Mac and Unix novice so I can tell you more if you point me in a direction. To answer your second question, I'd try the EFI approach if I can figure out how to not screw my XP install. At the moment I've got my D830 successfully dual booting through a combination of modifying the boot.ini and adding a little program called tboot that I found through this board. This is probably a stupid rookie question, but if I installed EFI and could get the Apple upgrades, would I still have to move files from the Kalyway disk? I thought the Apple upgrades would pretty much take care of everything. It sounds like maybe Apple's upgrades don't affect the kernel and kexts?
  10. I'll give it a few more tries and see if I have any luck. Basically, the only difference between your system and mine is I have the Nvidia 140M and my machine is a D830. Did you maybe set the BIOS to single core when installing?
  11. I've tried as both -vanilla and vanilla without the dash. Do you know if there was more than one distribution of Kalyway? Maybe I've got a problem copy.
  12. I did figure out how to get AHCI running under XP, but the current installation I have under ToH still reports a single core install. I'm not sure if I'd have to install OS X from scratch to get it to recognize both cores with ToH. It was my understanding that you'd only get one core with ToH no matter what. I'm running a D830 instead of a D630, but I can't even get to the installation screen using Kalyway. I was running BIOS A05 and just upgraded to A08 with the same result. Watching the boot, I'm apparently getting a kernel panic when it's trying to load AppleACPIPlatform. I'm not sure why I'm having this problem. I thought the D630 and D830 were identical except for screen size. Thanks
  13. Thank you for putting this together. I'd previously managed to get the ToH 10.5 installed on my D830, but couldn't upgrade to 10.5.1 and only had one core. One question... by following this method, will I still be able to boot to my XP partition? I understand EFI has problems with the 32 bit version of XP. Thanks again.
  14. Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for any help. I'm very fluent in Windows, but a Mac and Unix novice. I've decided I want to end up converting to a MacBook Pro at some point, but for now I'm stuck with a Dell D830 and wanted to at least be able to play with Leopard a little. After a lot of hours of fooling around, I managed to get a successful install of ToS RC2, including wireless. At this point I haven't got the sound working, or the built in 256MB NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M. I could use some suggestions on either of those, but my main question is how do I upgrade to 10.5.1? I pretty much knew the Apple update wouldn't work, but I tried it anyway since I didn't yet have anything besides the OS installed. I was right, that killed the installation as I expected, so I just reinstalled. I also noticed that I'm only running on one core, which I think is a result of the ToS distribution. I've looked around a LOT at the forums and they're what got me this far, but I really need some guru to give me some personal tutoring at this point. Any kind expert willing to help?
  15. OK, got it working by giving it a static IP address. For some reason it doesn't like DHCP, at least on my network. Anyway... it's working!