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tiger-x86-flat.img method problems

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I'm new to this

And i have writtern the tiger-x86-flat.img to the harddrive and when i reboot i use the -x option for safe mode ( like it states in the pdf for it )and it boots up just fine.


But when I try and boot into mac os x without any boot options set . it just locks up and says i have to restart the pc


At the min my G3 runs faster. with OS X on it lol.


Any help Thanks

P4 socket 775 521 cpu 2.8ghz 1mb level 2

512md ddr2 400mhz

40gb quantum ( out of my old G3 )

Ati X600pro 256mb

ECS RS400-A MOBO with ati chipset.

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The tiger-x86-flat.img contains OSX 10.4.1. It is old and busted. Apple made major changes to OSX starting with 10.4.3. As a result, current Intel OSX apps won't run on 10.4.1.


You should find and install a recent version of a patched OSX: 10.4.5, 10.4.6, 10.4.7 or 10.4.8.

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