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  1. I have a Acer Aspire 2920z laptop. I've already tried Kalyway 10.5.2, but I would like to know, now with the new version, 10.5.6, which is the best distro, or the best method to install OSX86. Thanks! Specs: Motherboard Acer Calado(Intel GL960) Pentium Dual Core procressor T2390 Intel GMA X3100 Wi-Fi Broadcom 94312MCG
  2. I'd like to know what you guys think would be the best release for the Inspiron 6400/E1505. I've been out for a while, and I wanted to come back to the scene, but I felt overwhelmed on all the latest updates. Thanks!
  3. I'm begging on my knees here you guys... please help me!
  4. Nothing seems to work here... not even -x, or -v, or -f, or -legacy.
  5. I just updated my 10.5 ToH working installation to 10.5.1 via Software Update. It asked me to restart, so I did, but OS X does not boot again, it just spins the wheel forever. I started it in verbose, and OS X gets stuck at this: ...a lot of text... NTFS driver 2.0 (Flags R/O) NTFS volume name , version 3.1 NTFS volume name , version 3.1 I left it on for hours, yet it won't go past that. I'm on a Dell Inspiron 6400, core duo, GMA 950. Has anyone had this type of problem? Any solutions? edit:tried to repair permissions using the ToH Leopard DVD, but it keeps getting stuck at the same place.
  6. Yeah, I put in my sig that I had core solo because at the time only one core worked. But now, I have both cores working. For evreyone asking, yes I am in Leopard.
  7. Ok so here's what I did: Downloaded V3 EFI Installed it per the Readme file included Continued with the instructions, and replaced the AppleSMBIOS.kext extension repaired permissions restarted and booted OSx86 ToH without cpus=1 and it worked! No more need for cpus=1 Anything else, just ask.
  8. I used V3 of the EFI emulator on a clean ToH Leopard install, and just replaced the SMBIOS.kext extension. Hope this helps!
  9. Hey, just a heads up. With the ToH Leopard DVD, and the new EFI bootloader, you can run with two cores! No need any longer to set cpus=1 at startup! Yay!!!
  10. Speedtest

    By the way, I'm calling my ISP right now, I should have 2400 download and 1000 upload
  11. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    this is all just tooooo great. i need to change my sig . the only issue with the sigmatel 9200 is that speakers dont turn off when inserting headphones... not to great for traveling. anyone know a solution??
  12. I have an Intel 3945ABG. Win XP in Parallels wont detect it. How can I make it recognize it?
  13. Parallels Boot Camp Feature?

    yeah, but parallels relies on just that?
  14. Parallels Boot Camp Feature?

    what I mean is that us hackintosh users have that option grayed out.
  15. What is stopping us from using the Boot Camp feature from Parallels? Maybe a hacked boot file or something will make Parallels recognize the partiton? PS:this is for hackintosh users