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OS X installation stopped working after succesfull installations

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Hello everyone,


I'm having a strange problem with my OS X Yosemite installation. I'm using the Niresh Yosemite distro, and I'll put my specs in the bottom of the post.


So my problem is, I installed OS X using the same distro about 2 times succesfully, but I messed up things post-installation which required me to re-install it. But after doing this a few times, the installation stopped working. I can still boot into the installation, but it halts at 14 minutes remaining. I've tried creating a new usb stick, but it doesn't change anything.


The errors in the log are:


"X /Volumes/OS X: missing CoreServices"

"Container dmg is missing universal diagnostics" 

"Cannot connect to /var/run/systemkeychaincheck.socket: No such file or directory


If anyone recognizes this problem or knows the solution, I'd be very grateful




AMD A8 (Not supported but works anyway, same architecture as AMD Athlon I suppose?)

AsRock a75m-HVS
Some Radeon 7000 card that is supported


320 GB harddrive

I recommand using AppleSoftware from Mac AppStore

You have a lots of guide and tools here for make a Hackintosh with a Vanilla Installer

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