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  1. You're my hero... Saved my Hackintosh Is there any way you can set the colour depth in OS X without software? Because this is shareware, so I'm gonna have to pay for it if there's no way to set it in OS X. Edit: Looks like DisplayMaestro is a good free alternative for people with the same problem.
  2. Well, helps that we're not alone... It's strange because these cards are both supported out of the box, so it kinda seems to me that Apple might've messed up?
  3. I have been running Sierra for a while now, with no problems whatsoever, but after installing the 10.12.4 update, the graphics got all weird and flashing. I tried updating clover, but then my pc wouldn't boot anymore at all... And of course I was to stubborn to make a backup... Now things look like this: It constantly switches from that to normal, every time something on the screen moves... Does anybody have any idea? Specs: 3,19 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB memory Sapphire Radeon 6570 2GB Not sure what motherboard and stuff but thats probably not causing this problem anyway Edit: Also, there is no video playback. So definitely something graphics related. Edit 2: Video playback started working again randomly? Still weird flashing though. What seems to be happening with the flashing is, that red and blue constantly switch, but green remains the same. Oops, no picture. Here it is:
  4. AMD Radeon 7850, glitches

    Just, never mind xD My pc exploded yesterday
  5. AMD Radeon 7850, glitches

    Aaah alright, but are you sure this is the kext I need? Because when I search for it online I see that this is a kext for i3/i5/i7 processors?
  6. AMD Radeon 7850, glitches

    Thanks for your response! I tried it, it doesn't work :/ Maybe I got the wrong version? I got it from the tonymacx86 website so I think it should be alright? Anyway, any other suggestions?
  7. AMD Radeon 7850, glitches

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with my MSI 7850 2GB GPU. My resolution is okay and QE is working Random objects on the screen are black. Sometimes icons, sometimes pictures and almost always the top bar. It's kinda annoying and I wonder if anyone knows how to fix this? Specs: CPU: AMD A8 Black Edition (Didnt post it in the AMD section because it's unrelated to my CPU) GPU: MSI 7850 2GB 8GB RAM Motherboard: AsRock A75M-HVS Running Yosemite 10.10.1
  8. I think I fixed it... I just downloaded Niresh from another source and it worked, so if anyone experiences the same issues, I'd recommend trying that.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm having a strange problem with my OS X Yosemite installation. I'm using the Niresh Yosemite distro, and I'll put my specs in the bottom of the post. So my problem is, I installed OS X using the same distro about 2 times succesfully, but I messed up things post-installation which required me to re-install it. But after doing this a few times, the installation stopped working. I can still boot into the installation, but it halts at 14 minutes remaining. I've tried creating a new usb stick, but it doesn't change anything. The errors in the log are: "X /Volumes/OS X: missing CoreServices" "Container dmg is missing universal diagnostics" "Cannot connect to /var/run/systemkeychaincheck.socket: No such file or directory If anyone recognizes this problem or knows the solution, I'd be very grateful Specs: AMD A8 (Not supported but works anyway, same architecture as AMD Athlon I suppose?) AsRock a75m-HVS Some Radeon 7000 card that is supported 8GB RAM 320 GB harddrive