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Buying a New Hardware. Help needed


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Hi, I am downloading the torrent for the mac 1.4.6 and I want to buy a new hardware that is best compatible with it and gives me the best performance possible within my budget. So this is what I set to:


Processor Pentium D Pressler 915 775LGA 3.0Ghz 800FSB

Memory DDR 1 GB 400FSB (I already have 2 GB on my AMD Athlon PC so I will take 1GB from it)

Motherboard ASROCK 775i65G LGA 775 Intel extreme graphics 2 accelerator builtin



19" LG LCD display 1280x1024


I spent all last night and today reading the post in this great forums. But now I am a bit confused :gathering: . I want to use medical visualization programs that rely on Open GL so the intel extreme 2 will not be the best option aviailable for me. I read that x1600 pro is the best card compatible with the mac os and with the help of Neopheus I can run it with all features). Unfortunately, the motherboard I am taking supports only AGP gfx cards and they only sell the PCI-Express version of x1600 here which costs 140$ :compress: . So what motherboard do you suggest me to buy that can run mac os without problems ?

Can I use the x1600 PCI-Express card with DVI so I can use my 19" LCD because I read that the current driver supports only VGA.

I need your advice !!

Thanks for everyone who trys to help me :gathering:

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