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Prosoft Hear with VoodooHDA?

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I've been using that combination for several years. There has been a few quirks but nothing major. For instance, if Hear is running for a long time at the same equalization settings, sometimes an application will open and it will change the sound of Hear somewhat. It doesn't happen too often so I'm not really complaining although I have sent an email to the developers thinking that it was a problem with Hear. They never did return my email so not sure where the problem is exactly.


Overall for the past couple of years they have worked flawlessly together.  I love Hear, and the way it makes your music sound but you can't increase your sample rate past 44000K because Hear just stops working. I think the equalization is very good considering and my opinion is that it increases the richness and depth of music. Not only music but movies as well so.......


To answer your question, yes they work perfectly together.


OS X Mavericks 10.9.5

VoodooHDA 2.8.8

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