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Here is my scenario:

- I have JaS 10.4.7 On A CD-R

- I boot it and get onto install menu

- I customize install with the patches I need.

- I install it

- I remove the JaS 10.4.7 disk

- I restart computer

- OS X Boots up :D

- All of a :D sudden it tells me that I havent got a keyboard!

- I understand that and realise that all that I need to do is install the driver. But at that stage it is impossible.

- OS X Will only boot once though. When it boots up, And I restart it wont boot again.

- I restart computer and normal routine occurs, Acronis OS selector.

- OS 1 = Windows XP Pro SP3 OS 2 = "Unknown OS"

- If I try and boot "Unknown OS" it will say something like "Invalid HFS Partition"


WTF?! I spend one hour installing OS X just for Acronis to tell me it isnt a valid Operating System and then not boot it.. What has gone wrong?


Thanks Alot,


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Sorted the booting problem.

I have to use an external keyboard and mouse. They work fine. My internal mouse works ok, But the internal keyboard really doesn't. If I use the internal keyboard, internal mouse wont work.

Wireless card wont activate

Sound card wont work..


Any help?

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