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Siri not working

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Hello everyone! I've installed Mac OS Sierra DP. The only problems are audio and Siri . I'm not able to make it work and I had to install the VoodooHDA. Siri can not process my voice , I'm using a webcam QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac which should be perfectly compatible.


I attach my CLOVER folder:




Thank you!

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I solved the problem with the audio through AppleALC and updated macOS Sierra to DP3. The problem with Siri instead persists. I tried to change webcam (assuming it was a microphone problem), but nothing. It seems that Siri detects voice but can't connect to internet.

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These method may solve Siri not working problem
1. Check if Siri is turned on in your device
2. Check if your device supports untethered Hey Sir
3. Check if your internet connection is working fine
4. Check if the Low Power mode is on or off
5. Reboot the device
6. Try Re-calibrating Hey Siri
7. Check if your microphone is working
8. Restore device

9. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery

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