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Run latest version of Google Chrome on old Mac


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I managed to update Google Chrome to the latest version (51) by changing 10.7.5 to 10.9.1 in /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist




Chrome was required a restart to complete the update and run fine.




The yellow warning bar about not receiving the updates showed up and quickly disappeared.




When I restarted the system, it didn't boot. 


I had to boot into recovery and change OS version back to 10.7.5. Obviously Google Chrome did not run anymore and was complaining about version 10.9 being required.


I tried update again and it worked again. I even changed the system version back while Chrome was open and it still worked.




After trying to restart Chrome, alas, it failed with a message



And a greyed out Chrome circle in Dock




I wonder is there a way to script Google Chrome launch the way it patches the systemversion.plist, runs Chrome and then quickly patches the plist back to it's original state?




to make Chrome to look somewhere else for system version?




to make systemversion.plist to have original system during boot and have patched version when booted?


Anybody savvy enough to collaborate?




Please do not ask off topic questions like, why do I not update to El Capitan or why do I not throw away my Xenon quad core hackintosh and buy a new mac or why would I not use Firefox.

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Thanks, that does kind of help. After the patch the version 51 runs after restart under 10.7.5. 




By the way there are 3 versions of plist files which have this 10.9.0 string.


I have found that the best plist editor is XP and Word 95. Windows File Explorer searches and browses mac app packages just like normal folders.




But there is another problem. The Google does not remember any passwords and the profile has to be signed in every time you launch Google. This is similar to Google run from ML post factor. That's why I am running Lion even though I can run Mountain Lion post factor. The version tricking flags some security alarms in Chrome and it does not run correctly.



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