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Buffalo AirStation PCMCIA WLI-CB-G54HP

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I've been searching this whole forum and found nothing on this particular wireless card, and I've been on wire for a while now since I've got OSX on my T41 (built in internet not working), so I've decided to do my own testing after getting my PC Card slot functional.


I've found this ID of my AirStation card from the system profiler: pci14e4,4318


so what I did(by randomly picking one of the Airport kext):

sudo nano /System/library/extensions/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext/contents/info.plist

<type password>


find the IONameMatch key and added the bold section below.


Save, repair permission with diskutils, reboot and whualla~! my AirStation is now detected as Airport now and I'm posting this via wireless the first time on me hackintosh... so for those who have this wireless card and wish to get it working, give it a try. Won't say for sure if it works on yours, but do reply on your result.


<key>Broadcom PCI</key>




















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