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  1. Kismac drivers not found

    Hi, i recently download kismac on my imac core 2 duo 17". When i set the program to use airpot extreme in passive mode and start the scan i get an error "the driver cannot be found" but when i tell the program to use airport extreme in active mode i get this error, "KisMAC is not able to load the Apple Airport driver, if you killed it by loading the Viha driver. Try restarting KisMAC." I have tried restarting kismc, disabling my airport card, disconnecting from networks but i cannot seem to find the problem. I have no idea where i can turn off this "viha driver". Please help thanks in advance
  2. Vista Installed

    I managed to install vista ultimate final release on my imac. I installed just as if i was installing xp using boot camp, i didnt have to remove the efi partition and i didnt have to install the drivers to get the wifi working, it just worked.
  3. Network drive

    Thansk for the help!
  4. Nah im not poor, there are other things i can spend 10 dollars on. like an ipod dock from ebay or pack of cds. And if i did spend 10 bucks on those free site who the hell am i gonna refer. None of my friends will as they never have money (always at the mall) let alone a bank card.
  5. I know how it all work, its just their way of "rewarding" you. But congrats to those who actually end up getting an ipod or xbox or somthing. ut its not actually for free, you have to play like 10 bucks for an offer, and then get 10, 15, 100000 people to do the same depending on how expensive your reward is. I would do it if i had 10 dollars lying around and a spare email account to get hit by all the spam.
  6. If these sites do acctually work, why doesn't everyone on here refer each other. We will all have fancy new high tech gizmos in no time. P.S this isnt a sales pitch or advertisement thing or what ever. , Jimbobo
  7. warcraft III 1.21 crashes

    i have a solution......buy a *real* mac
  8. Would you gift me a song?

    I have this cool widget. Ally you do is select the song you want to have album art work i.e select the songs in the same album then middle button to open dash board and then type in the album or artist ot whatever, it then retreives the songs and then you select the cover and hey presto. Its done. Really is a lot simpler than the description.
  9. iPod nano playing videos

    Isnt there a way you can like get the ipod video config files and stuff and then over write them with an opid nanos or somthing liek that?
  10. Its not so much of a problem but more of an anyoyance. Ive seen a few video tutorials and they go to there desktp i see and external hard drive with this icon But my old ipod mini that i want to use as an external hardrive on firewire uses this icon While formating the ipod in disk utility it shows as the orange disk picture and then changes back to the standard white disk thing. I hate the standrad white disk.The orange icon standard on other external harddrives i think. Please please help.
  11. Poor me!

  12. Network drive

    High guys, I've been looking into the RAID feature in the disk utility. Basically all i want to know is if it possible to use a network drive as a RAID so that my hard drive will mirror onto the shared network drive. Ps. Im not sure if this is the right place for this, if it isn't just move it
  13. I'm trying to figure out how to make a script or application that attaches to a folder of my choice i.e documents. It then copies it to my server on the network. And it updates automatically whenever something is saved into the folder. I have very in fact no knowledge of apple script and i have no idea how to do it, please email me @ jimbo.100b@googlemail.com if you want to help me. Thanks, jimbobo
  14. Poor me!

    I have only one mac user on my contacts list. I don't have anyone to turn to, what shall i do, where do i go. The world seems so big
  15. software used to make halo video game

    I think cs:s uses some game engine called, torq. Its only about 100 bucks fr an indie licence,