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Network slowdown with Shakespeer?


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Hi everybody!


Heres the thing:


OS X is running fine but I am experiencing some strange network problems:


My Notebook is in a network and I use Shakespeer to download within our network which, when it ist the only network app. Running, works great and I get my usual download speed of about 5 – 9 MiB/s.


As soon as I fire up firefox (or any other app. Like Adium) that communicates with the internet, Shaespeer speed goes down to 15KB/s and firefox slows down as well dramatically and at some point no pages will load although the network setting still says that I am connected…


Even if I close all running aps. and only start sharespeer or firefox again the speed stays low at 15Kb/s...


Under Windows I can run DC++ ( the equivalent to shakespeer as I am told) firefox, Trillian, Bitcommet and Google Earth, all at the same time without experiencing any network slow downs at all.


Anybody got a clue what is happening here and how I can fix that?


Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Cheers.. .

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