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  1. Tseug: You are my Hero! Everything works OOB. Merry X-Mas to all insanelymac-addicts!
  2. Hi! See mi sig for details: The D-Link works OOB!
  3. From Hackbook to Crackbook?

    hey thanks for your thoughts! I used the MEMTESt86+ from the Universal Boot CD but it kept crashing on my Old 2GB after about 6 completed test with no errors. With the new 512 MB RAM the problem was still there, although this time MEMTest86 didn't crash. But I think MEMTest only crashed due to too much heat and not due to corrut RAM, although I guess until now I can't cancel that out completely. I am still trying to open up the fan compartment to have a look inside and clean it up but still the f*** screws wont dodge a bit. The "shut down due to heat overload" hypothesis sounds only plausible for the abrupt shut downs after a longer up time under high CPU load. If it is due to heat: Why does even a cold system Crash after a reboot if it it only ran for 2 Minutes under no CPU load at all? The Fan is nice and quiet and I can feel absolutely no temperature increase.
  4. From Hackbook to Crackbook?

    Cheers mate for looking into this! So your guess would also be a shutdown due to too high or incorrectly interpreted temperature. Well as I am running my notebook only on AC It never had a chance to shut down on battery. I guess I will have to try a new XP install although I have been trying to avoid this: It's just a pain and it takes way too long to configure everything compared to OS X... Actually today as it f**** up again I went to my local mac dealer but he didn't have any new macbook pros in stock. So I guess I will give it another try with this bugger... :censored2: One thing that speaks against a temperature issue is the fact that, even if it was out over night and I reboot afer a few minutes after initial boot, the same problem occurs!
  5. Hi everybody! I've been using different JaS OS X distributions now for over 9 month in dual boot with Win XP, without any problems. 2 month ago my laptop stated acting weird: - Shut down or reboot in both systems hung up the entire computer or if I got lucky and a reboot was achieved it only got to the first BIOS "Samsung Welcome splash screen". The machine didn't react to any keyboard input so I wasn't able to access the BIOS. To "get" the whole thing running again I have to wait between 10-40 minutes. first I power off every thing, then hook it back on to the AC and then wait... Any interference of this process, i.e "to see if it already works" is condemned to fail. The screen either stays black or is frozen on the BIOS Welcome screen, HD light on, no keyboard access possible. When every thing is up and running again it works like a charm for about 8- 15 hours when all of a sudden it powers off immediately, especially though during Copy processes to external USB hard drives or intense Photoshoping. The fan has to work a lot and the notebook gets quite warm but it is bearable and a common issue as I have read here. Alas the 2 guarantee ran out three month ago, just when the problem started arising. It's a blessing and a curse: If my notebook dies I am defiantly going to get a Macbook Pro. The thing is I didn't expect to get one so fast as I wanted to wait till leopard gets released. As I am going to South America for a few month and need every penny I can spare I would appreciate any thoughts and Ideas on where to look to fix this problem. My guesses so far: BIOS? --checked settings, Reset settings -- no luck. RAM? -- checked with new ones --still no luck. Heat sensor? -- No idea where to look for and how to check? Clean Fan? -- failed on not being able to open these f** tight & tiny screws.
  6. This sounds great! Will this work on my machine? Samsung X20 with SSe2 OS X 10.4.8 with the 8.8.1 Kernel?
  7. News from the developer front!

    Brilliant! Great news! Thanks alot for all your effort!!
  8. Intel Wireless driver

    I have been following this thread for quite a while and I must say you guys are amazing!!! Like probably many others here I had given up hope and arranged myself with a USB Wifi Dongle. But what you, the developers as well as the testers, have come up with is just out of this world!! Thank you very very much! I installed the iwi2200-v6-test2-xkazu2.dmg without any problems. My 2200 is detected as an airport and the airport functions seem to work. Heres the thing: I connect to an unsecure network with a hidden SSID Network name. When I click the airport icon and choose other, as soon as I enter the SSID Name I get the apple screen of death, telling me to restart my computer. I would appreciate any help and or advice on which information you guys might need from me to find a solution to this issue. Cheers!
  9. compatible hardware or not?

    Did you take a good lookhere
  10. Arghhhh....... :censored2: Open your eyes!!!
  11. MacBookPro update when?

    ALthough Tiger works flawlessly on my system I am just fed up with the loud fan and hence also want to get a macbookpro. I guess when Leopard comes out there will be new macbookpros aswell? Can anybody confirm that? and tell me when that will be? I'm tired of having earplugs in my ears all the time
  12. Underneath it all its still Windows

    I had a good laugh!
  13. Yes I would also like to know how you did it! A detailed How to would be exellent, since I also have a sse2 and uptil now only had kernel panic when trying... It is really strange at first my notebooks fan is nice and quiet and all of a sudden (without any big operations going on) the fan goes crazy.... under 10.4.7 this was not the case...
  14. Concerning the fact that the forum is growing at an incredibly fast speed I would like to talk to you about how we can keep the information content of this site at it’s high level. I am by far no JaS, Ramjet nor Semthex just an ordinary mac freak who enjoys the fact the above mentioned people enabled me to use the OS I was longing for, for so many years but couldn't afford a real mac. I have been using OS x now for a few months and try to contribute to the questions asked as far as I encountered similar problems or even understand what the issue is. On some days I check the forum way more often that I should and spend more time researching here than in the library where I ought to be at the moment couse my first exam is due in 6 days! Some things that really annoy me while grasing the forum are people who post and do not bother to use the search function! Yes of course it is easier to post a question than to bother searching and find out that there are many double triple posts to one and the same question! And of course sometimes you do a search but just overlook a post concerning exactly your own issue. Never the less I don’t like searching and having to click through many pages with Zero benefit post asking questions that have been either answered in the Genius bar, The HLC or else where. Although I must admit I do like some of your answers to those questions: Q:I have a Intel centrono PC, how do I put MAC OS ina may PC? A: uh... you get a disc, you boot it, you install it. In german there is the expression: “Frühlingsputz” probably translated best with spring clean up, where everybody cleans up there house and makes it nice and tidy. I therefore would appreciate if the search function had a higher priority by the new members and wanted to ask if “Zero info double triple post” can be deleted to keep the Information content of this site high! This is not about cutting freedom of speech but fighting freedom to spam.
  15. 3D Destkop for OSX

    Now that is a very stylish way to change desktops! I would love to get my hands on that!!