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M4800 need help eDP screen + K1100M


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hi guy!


Today, i will tell you about eDP and LVDS on nVidia Quadro K1100M (dell M4800)

I need help about eDP and Quadro.



May be all people don't know or don't care: "M4800 have 2 prototype of Motherboard" <--- it's the dead point that i discovery.

Prototype 01 use LVDS for display connector. easy for hackintosh

Protype 02 eDP display connector. get black/dark screen for hackintosh - big issue.


M4800 can disable optimus/switchGraphics (run only nVidia/AMD). on here, we only talk about disable optimus --> run only K1100M.


Fist : compare it.


Prototype 01 LVDS:

VBIOS (thanks for share of howoarang):



Prototype 02 eDP.




Can you see the divergent on DCB? 


Second: issue on eDP :


my M4800 is prototype 02. (not so lucky).

with eDP, i can upgrade to 4K display but..... cannot get internal Display with Disable iGPU.


Test case 01: only K1100M with defaut (not inject _DSM on DSDT/SSDT, non EFI string ):

* got black screaan all (black light panel is off);



Clover inject nVidia: clover only inject 2 port



Clover not inject nVidia: full 4port



Screen Shot all is:




Mac System report:


oh yeah, do not have any display plug on any port. 

Mac have vitural display not real display -> that's reason why i can save ioreg and taking picture.



Test case 02: only K1100M with some inject by EFI string:

* i'm using EFI string because it easy for edit:








* black light is on but dark screen (black light on but no signal, no color on physic screen).

Screen shot is normal but dark screen. 



that's full QE/CI. but dark on physic screen.





What do i want ?

i need help about that, eDP on nVidia. 

any body have any idea?


thank you very very much!


p/s: i'm try to flash VBIOS 80.07.ab.0 to my K1100M (80.07.cc.0) --> result is my nVida it Glitch when disable legacy ROM, black screen with enable Legacy ROM. 

(back to 80.07.cc: step 1: remove CMOS battery -> wait 3 minutes -> plug CMOS battery -> setup system -> boot with enable Switch Graphics -> flash back vBIOS 80.07.cc.00).

so danger!!! never try flash VBIOS at home !


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update !


now i have news :

+ retina display use eDP with 30pins:


Connectors on the Macbook LCD assembly.



Macbook Pro 15″ Retina LCD cable, slightly disassembled.


 if this display is in fact eDP as everyone says, this connector is required to have the following:

  • 4 lanes / 8 pins DisplayPort data (high resolution displays such as this will use all 4 lanes)
  • 2 pins Aux channel
  • 1 pin Hot Plug Detect
  • At least one +V pin (probably several)
  • At least one ground (probably several)
  • Backlight control – either:
    • anode and cathode connections from an off-board LED driver, or
    • PWM, power and enable signals for an on-board LED driver

i need PWM for enable singals.


original thread http://mikesmods.com/mm-wp/?p=212

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my Display eDP M4800 can turn on BackLight but no singnal, because nVidia kext inject port-number 0 for Display A. But port-number 0 is empty -----> i'm trying change to other port number.


* anyone have idea. please! 

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