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  1. DuongTHVN

    macOS Unlocker V3.0 for VMware Workstation

    when i extract file zip ? what is the trojan ?
  2. DuongTHVN

    Youtube 4k - High CPU Usage over 250% CPU ?

    may be youtube video using H264 codec,. ez way for resloved your issue is enable intel HD for use intel Quicksync to play H264 video.
  3. 387. have no lag on my system.
  4. DuongTHVN

    куда делся applelife.ru

    HI GUY! i have an Asus Eee PC 1050PN. i have found some document here https://applelife.ru/threads/asus-eee-pc-1015pn.29286/page-7#post-287772 any one can you open 1050pn.zip and dsdt.zip as html file and download it for my EeePC. thank you!
  5. yup working great on my too. i7 7700k + GTX1080
  6. DuongTHVN

    G-sync on laptop screen with webdrivers

    yep, G-sycn is missing on nvidia panel. my screen run at 75Hz on windows, but on MacOS is only running at 60Hz .
  7. DuongTHVN

    Apple Hackintosh SMBIOS Blacklist

    delete MacOS Recovery partition and try again
  8. DuongTHVN

    Disable Nvidia Optimus on Aspire 5742G (yosemite)

    try this DTH_Disable_DGPU.aml.zip
  9. DuongTHVN

    need help with disabling Nvidia for laptop

    try this!!! will disable for PCI0.PEG0.PEGP PCI0.PEGP.DGFX PCI0.RP05.PEGP both need only one my SSDT.
  10. DuongTHVN

    MSI Laptop SteelSeries Light Controller

    Dear sir! Your app it work perfect on Highsierra. but I have check source code. i have some questions: 1) What dose "SSEnabler" mean for and where do you get that ? 2) Can you add custom color by R - G - B code or hexa code, 3) Source code using swift 2, can you update it to swift 3 for build by xcode 9. thanks
  11. will test on my Clevo and report soon
  12. DuongTHVN

    Poor Perfomance on my GTX1060

    that's right. my GTX 1080 only run at 1139Hz core clock, Adobe Pr CC 2017 render with cuda not good.
  13. isanelymac not support for tonymac ( that's rule )
  14. DuongTHVN

    Web drivers not picking up GTX 965M: Nvidia Chip Model 0 MB

    i have seen, no display plug to any port of nVidia. this issue is same on Eurocom Tornado F5 GTX970M.