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bios locked with password

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Hello friends,


I have 3 operating system installed.

To boot anyone I use grub. I selected Mac os from the grub then came the darwin screen.

(I am using JaS 10.4.7.) When I was in boot prompt of the darwin (while booting from my hard drive) I pressed a key to see the boot: prompt there I got to see 6 lines of the 6 hard drive partition I had. I selected the one having Linux written on it and then I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete. The system beeped 3 times and then i had to manually shut it down. Now whenever i start the system it asks for BIOS password and boot password before even showing me grub.


There is no BIOS password or boot password in it then how is it asking for the password.


My system is a Lenovo 3000 N100 LAPTOP model 07684KA.


Please help. I can't even boot.





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