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instalation ok in vmware but not native


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Hello, I'm trying to install 10.4.4 update 10.4.5 Myzar in my athlon 3000+ and native instalation is taking to long, yesterday i tryed and was waiting for about 1 hour for the installer to start but had to whut down my pc (i needed some sleep!! jeje)

Also I noticed that mi PS2 keabord isn't working, but yes mi usb mouse

i have an a8n-e nforce 4 ultra basesd motherboard




installing the same versión from the same dvd using vmware on windows xp whas different..

i installed the whole sistem in about half an hour... recogniced keybord and was all ok


my pc has 1 gb ram

80 gb ide ata for mac os

dvd rw dual layer


i don't know what is happening

i tryed also whit 10.4.6 and the same happened


if soemone knows something about it... tell me... jeje i want to use it native... vmware is to slow... :censored2:

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