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  1. 10.5.7 Released

    If you are using time machine just grab the applesmbios kext from /L/S/E and replace if not check on google it will sed you to one page on this thread
  2. 10.5.7 Released

    Updated trough software update with no problems, a couple of reboots and everything worked fine except for usb and dmg mounting, replaced kernel and some other stuff with previous versions and everything worked like a charm The only things to fix: - System profiler first tab (There was a problem while gathering bla bla bla) - Sleep, my hack didn't sleep at all... with this new update it does... but when it comes back to live the mouse speed is terribly high and the system ends up collapsing (any ideas on how to fix this) My specs amd 64 3000+ a8n-e motherboard chamaleon stable version
  3. Hey everyone... Is this driver the one from realtek's webpage which comes with the realtek wlan client utility or it's another one that will recognize my wifi adapter as airport? thanks!
  4. Parallels 4.0 wont install

    this happens cause your processor is not a Mac valid one, you can either: install xnu kernell http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/ Real good kernell with fixes to this and a lot of things (please read the manual first) Look for a Patch to make your cpu look like a core*** Please reply your results!
  5. Vine Server startup

  6. 10.5.4 AMD Update

    barrist, in order to use that update first use the 10.5.3 update, look for it in the same forum brdi, use kalway or leo4all
  7. Vine Server startup

    Hi Everyone... this may be a stupid question... but first I need to check hehe... I installed Vine into my Leopard installation... and enter the Vine Server option to run at boot... but this runs once I've loged in... Is there any way to make it start before I log in? I've found the start-up plist under /Library/LaunchAgents I guess that changing location to /System/... will be ok but can't try over here. Thanks averyone!
  8. 10.5.4 AMD Update

    Hey, sorry if this is alrready posted, now for AMD users new 10.5.4 update! Follow this link http://leo4all.uni.cc/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=269 Thanks to bhast2 for the info! Working goooood on mi AMD hack Again, sorry if this is alrready posted Thanks and Enjoy!
  9. ayuda novato y laptop HP dv2699es

    es la que yo probé, por eso te la nombré, además es muy simple de instalar, los paquetes adicionales para hard específico bienen muy bien comentados, tiene soporte para idioma español y es el más votado en encuestas de este mismo foro!
  10. Nforce4 RAID

    mmm creo que tendría que funcionar, pero no estoy seguro... Prueba-error hermano... comprate otro disco que funcione y probalo! jeje
  11. Leopard y xp

    iniciá la pc con el dvd de instalación del Leopard en modo -s corre: fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (0 es el numero del disco donde está instalado Leopard, si tenés un solo disco es ese mismo 0) print (y mirá las particiones que tenés, buscá la que sea algo tipo hfs+ o algo por el estilo, nunca recuerdo bien como es que figura) flag n (donde n es el número de la partición que te dije más arriba, que es la del Leopard) quit reboot Lo que hiciste fue setear la partición del Leopard como activa (osea, desde donde va a bootear) cuando arranque te va a mostrar el bootloader de Darwin y ahi vas a poder elegir la partición desde la cual quieras arrancar. Espero que te sirva, saludos!
  12. ayuda novato y laptop HP dv2699es

  13. You can also try adding CHAIN0 line in windows XP bootloader and leave XP Drive as the default one