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Firmware Password Script

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I'm try to set a firmware password on a MacBook Air using the following one line script (I'm sending it to a machine managed by Absolute Manage)


do shell script "sudo firmwarepasswd -setpasswd 123456"

The command completes successfully and when I reboot the machine, the firmware password is set, but not to the 123456 in the example. The firmware password ends up being blank. I can go to Terminal and using the following command I can remove the password.

sudo firmwarepasswd -delete

When I enter the above command I'm prompted for the firmware password. If I enter 123465, it says sorry, try again. If I enter the command above and just press the Enter key, it says Password removed so I know it's setting the password to blank.

Any ideas as to how I can get the following one line script to work? I appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

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