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Can you guys tell me which of these systems I have are most likely to run mav-el capitan?

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Hey guys,


Im no noob to hackintosh but with clover and some other change I'm only a little behind. I have an array of boards at my disposal, and to be honest, I want the easiest one!

Its for my boss, who wants it to be JUST like, he has a Mac.


Whats going to be easiest?


1155 Sandy Bridge biostar tz68 a plus with I3 I5 hd2000


H61 sandy bridge dell optiplex 390 1155 same i3 and i5


Also have Biostar skylake w/g4400-i doubt this works w/osx


Biostar 880g am3+ with phenom am3


Asus m5a99x evo am3 with fx8350


I have a bevy of graphic cards. Gt 430 440 and radeon 3450 6450 6550 and gt 570


Lots of other parts.


Out of all of this, what will make the quickest most recent version of osx work???

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No am3, no Gt 430 440, no radeon 3450, no hd2000 - use discrete graphics.

Others should work.



Ok so were down to 1155 biostar and dell 390  and 1151 skylake gigabyte


Im pretty sure the skylake wont work so down to 1155


Cant use 3450, so i am down to an 1155 using a 6350. but im reading i cant use Dell 390 because no achi in bios,





therefore my only option left is Biostar tz68a+ with 6350 or hd3000?


Which osx ?   which method?

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