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dell 760 appleLPC loading, no sleep

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hey .. 


my first post ... coz im helpless now ... i run thru lot of forums, have made some progress but now im stucked .. so here is my problem ::


i have a dell 760 , yosemite runs fine , actually no problem but this sleep issue ...


i followed different links , edited dsdt , added the pci8086etc to the appleLPC kext , the kext is loading now but i cant put it to sleep ...


can somebody look into my dsdt and check, advise , point a direction what else need to be changed ???


thx .. marcin 

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so ... i made some progress .... applied the HPET patch and its working: comp is going to sleep ... but the wake up is difficult, no reaction on any USB input .. as i try the power button the system ends with bios error code 2&3...

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