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  1. remure

    dell 760 appleLPC loading, no sleep

    so ... i made some progress .... applied the HPET patch and its working: comp is going to sleep ... but the wake up is difficult, no reaction on any USB input .. as i try the power button the system ends with bios error code 2&3...
  2. hey .. my first post ... coz im helpless now ... i run thru lot of forums, have made some progress but now im stucked .. so here is my problem :: i have a dell 760 , yosemite runs fine , actually no problem but this sleep issue ... i followed different links , edited dsdt , added the pci8086etc to the appleLPC kext , the kext is loading now but i cant put it to sleep ... can somebody look into my dsdt and check, advise , point a direction what else need to be changed ??? thx .. marcin
  3. remure

    standby problem XP SP3

    it seems like the mac will not wake up ..the light is pulsing indicating standby ...after i press a key to wake up it goes of ....need to restart/boot from beginning ....
  4. remure

    standby problem XP SP3

    i have a problem with standby in xp ....sometimes it work and sometimes the mbp goes simply OFF....tried hybernating but have some issues after wakeup with video players , they tend to freez the system totaly ......tried to look across this forum and found nothing realy helpfull ......thx.