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Surface Pro 1/2/3 CA cable free replacement


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Due to some manufacturing problems with the CA cable Microsoft is now contacting registred users to send a free replacement, I thought that they wanted the old cable, but they don't, personally I had problems with that a long time ago and I just throw it to the garbage without much care...

I've already compiled the form and waiting to receive it.

I'm sad they don't replace the whole AC adapter, but since it's free I'm just happy for it.


This is the webpage with the form.


I hope you find this usefull, cheers.



the way they are imitating Apple is incredible!


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The cable arrived, and I'm really disappointed by it, it's not like the original, that matches the power supply design, but is a generic (I-SHENG) super low quality standard one!

What a shame Microsoft that thing costs less than 0.50 cents to the end users and we already have dozens of this things!!!


I was waiting for the official cable, something like this:



And received this:




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