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boot with only logic and psu

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Hi, a friend of mine gave me a logic board with cpu, gpu, ram heat and the psu of an imac late 2013.

I also own the same exact imac (that is working without any problem)


Both the logic board and psu works


Will this 2 pieces enough to boot? or there will be some problems?

Do i need to connect other boards (airport for example) to boot or the board will shut down because it doesn't have all the pieces?

I have the thunderbolt to hdmi cable which works fine on my imac (but only works from the login screen, not from the loading. the screen remains black till login)


I can also make a carbon copy of my ssd.

Tell me if I can make a "cheap mac" or if i just should sell them on ebay


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to boot you will need a Drive - HDD, SSD - even external will do it.
To be sure if it starts set the start SOUND FOR THE UEFI - was some keyboard reset key kombination.
Normally with PSU and MB is not enough - you need a RAM at least 1 Module! 

TO have Video - you need the video card connected too.

You may check this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=iMac.NIGHTMAREPRO - is free

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