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Hello everyone, after 7 month i use Asus ROG G551JM with Yosemite and EL capitan i can say G551JM work out of box except SD Reader (beause there is no driver for sd reader realtek 10ec:5287)


- replace wifi card with Asus 123H 94352Z AzureWave Broadcom BCM94352HMB, I bought 20€ from ebay

- replace ssd card with 128GB mSATA Mini (Half Size) SATAIII SSD 48€ from kingfast (you can use card origin 24GB but after install El capitan it take 19G you got 5G free space it's too small)

- USB 8G with clover boot and El Capitan installer

- USB 4G with windows 10


Before install El capitan you must backup licence windows 10 and your data because we will reinstall windows 10.

Asus model G511J have system cache temp with ssd 24G that mean windows X will load and stock cache from ssd card instead of hhd 1T. when you remove and remplace another ssd card or install el capitan to this mini half size card ssd. windows may be crash or stuck with logo ROG at boot. that's why we need back up everything before continue.


1. Step one : Keep partition windows 

- boot usb windows -> select custom windows install Only -> when it ask you where to install windows 10 you wil see  2 disk one ssd 24G and another 1T. select ssd 24G and click button delete. format this partition 24G with fat32 -> Reboot 

- window will boot very slowly because we deleted partition swap. If it show Blue Screen of Death , dont panic just reboot with usb windows click button repaire it will fix windows boot without swap

Note: if you remove ssd card and replace another ssd card after boot it can stop at logo ROG. you must reboot usb and install windows 10 form scratch (I dont know why bios can not detect partition windows on hdd 1T)

Check everything works fine on windows we will install el capitan to ssd card


If you wanna replace ssd  you can watch this video 

replace wifi card is very easy you can do it by yourself


2. Create USB boot el capitan

download my clover config here http://www.mediafire.com/download/7iq884zdk63ecum/CLOVER+asus+g551jm.zip

if you have real mac you can flow it guide 



if you have only windows you can watch this tutorial 


when it done you will see new partition EFI on your desktop replace folder CLOVER by my folder CLOVER, that's all


3. install El capitan 

- reboot and hold Esc you will see boot option -> select your usb you will boot to clover from your usb -> select Installer to setup el capitan. 

- Partition GUID table and format your ssd to mac. Install el captian to this partition 

note: if you see glitches on main display you can hotfix by many way

 - fold and reopen laptop it will be normal. 

 - plug HDMI to another extern display 

 - press Fn+f1 and press any key to wakeup


4. first step after install el capitan

- if you dont have wifi card brcm94352 wifi doesnt work. LAN with cable RJ45  works fine

 - download clover boot loader http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/ 

 - install clover to your mac partition el capitan when it done you will see new partition EFI on your desktop replace folder CLOVER by my folder CLOVER, 

- download Kext Utility http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/140647-latest-kext-utility-mavericks-super-speed-edition/ 

goto CLOVER/kexts/10.11 use Kext Utility to install 2 kext BTFirmwareUploader.kext and AppleHDA_ALC668.kext


5. add clover to bios

- remove your boot usb.

- Reboot and hold Esc -> Enter bios. Go to tab boot if you dont see clover boot option you have to add path manual to EFI/CLOVER/CLOVERX64.efi

- save and exit 

you will have dual boot Osx and windows


enjoin your el capitan



- Disable nvidia 860M only active HD4600 so it works long 6h with battery vs 4h if nvidia enable

- backlit works with 16 level

- asus Fn with f1-f12

- Ethernet works RTL8168 

- full sleep 7s when touch Fn+f1 or apple/sleep , wakeup immediately 1s

- sound acl668

- HDMI / HDMI audio

- WiFi 5Ghz/ Bluetooth

- Handoff

- hotspot

- airdrop


- Trackpad


- Battery

- Camera


Not working 

- CardReader

- sound doesn't work after reboot from window have to shutdown and reboot to osx

CLOVER asus g551jm.zip

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Hello! I red your guide about G551JM and El Capitan! I really want to thank you. 

I have a N551JM and think thai is very similar to yours. Can you confirm that? 

I have 16GB ram i7 4710 GTX 860 4 GB.. 

USB 3.0 work without problems with El Capitan and our notebook? 

I red about some problems with AsMedia Usb 3.0 ports.

I don't have HDD+ SSD on mSata but only HDD on SATA3 port and free mSata port (my model is yours without SSD but with the same identical hardware connections and specifications). 

Can this configuration with only one HDD(that I replaced with SSD on SATA3 port) create problems using your attached files?

Thanks :)

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hello i need help here..i follow all the step but so many things doesnt work..like sound,battery,inte hd 4600 7mb vram and glitch screen :( any ideas? ROG G551JM

when i use ur config.plist my osx stuck at apple logo with empty loading bar #_#

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I am trying to disable my Nvidia but no success. can you tell me how did you fix?  

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