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    hello i need help here..i follow all the step but so many things doesnt work..like sound,battery,inte hd 4600 7mb vram and glitch screen any ideas? ROG G551JM when i use ur config.plist my osx stuck at apple logo with empty loading bar #_#
  2. GMA X4500

    after all ..i do it..and the resolution is 1366x768x32....i love it!!! but the problem is... ihave a black screen.darker than normal... what should i do??? plz help me.....i need something to make the screen more brightness.. i use acer 4736z gma4500 2a42 iatkos v7 os 10.5.7 help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. GMA4500 Solved Native Resolution!

    Graphic More or graphic Mode?how u do that to fix black scrren?? help me...same problem
  4. [SOLVED] can't achieve brightness control with X3100

    How you do that..how to add to dsdt??? can u upload that dsdt?