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SSE3 Issues, Dimension E310 3100 OSX86 pls help


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Hi... I have a Dell E310... converting to OSx86. But im having a few issues, and need some help. I have a burn of OSX 10.4.1, im not totally sure which distribution, the install has options for SSE2 and SSE3 only, not AMD and Intel (if its important to getting my issue solved I can post later what distro) and it installs great with my SSE3 processor and my 915G chipset, the only thing that does not work is the Sigmatel 9220 audio (which seems to be an issue for all). Due to software needing a better OS version, I was having some issues and decided to get the JaS 10.4.7 distro. The Sigmatel 9220 patch on the cd doesnt do anything for my audio. Also; if I try to install the 10.4.7 (i guess its 4.6 with a 4.7 combo patch or somethin) and I select SSE3 during customized install, when the installer restarts, right as the apple screen pops up it slowly fades away into kernel panic and somethinig about release i386, which i googled and found that message appears with NON sse3 cpus. Then it reboots and loops continually. I HAVE SSE3. OSX is much slower w/o SSE3. I installed 10.4.8 combo update from JAS (ithink) for SSE3 and that resulted in the OS not booting either.


What's going on? What should I do. :blink: Please help me

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