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boot without dvd?


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Ok so here is my problem.

I have installed OsX on my pc via a dvd 10.4.6.

And I'm only having one problem here, i cant boot without the dvd...

Here is what happens, if I boot with no dvd in my drive all I get is a black screen with a blinking white line on the top. My Os X partition is active, i know cause I just had set it to active.

How do I fix this?

Oh and by the way the only way I can boot into windows is to set the windows partition to active and reboot with no dvd...


Please help me!

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Hey dude,


This is what ya got to do,

Boot to windows and click Start > Run and then type ‘diskpart’ (without quotes)


Type in (press enter after you typed in a line):


list disk

select disk [the number of your disk]

list partition

select partition [the number of your osx partition]

active (if this doesn’t work, try ’set active’ without quotes)


This will fix your problem for sure. I had the exact same problem :D



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